We are very pleased to welcome you to worship in Church each Sunday morning. It will probably feel odd being back in church for the first time in several months … but the warmth of welcome and fellowship will be as ever, and we hope it will be a time of blessing for you.

Much has been done to prepare for re-opening our church to ensure that it is as safe as possible for everyone. We have followed guidance, particularly about distancing, cleaning and hygiene.

While much will be the same as it was, some things will be different:

  • Live singing is not yet allowed, although there will be recorded music
  • The service will be shorter than usual to limit the time near others, and there will be fewer of us
  • Our tradition of handshaking, hugging and kissing, or just mixing closely with others, we’re sorry to say, can’t yet happen
  • We’ll need to sit apart from each other by 2 metres if we are from different families
  • To avoid close contact, we have a one-way system in and out of church; in at the front door as usual
  • Hygiene is a big part of reducing risk so hand gel is provided
  • You are probably aware that a face covering is needed in all enclosed spaces, including churches. Please bring your own mask if you have one, but disposable masks are available in church.
  • There will be a collection, but not by passing around a plate; it will be as you leave church

So, in preparation for our worship:

  • If you are feeling unwell before or as you get to church (particularly if you have a high temperature, a new persistent cough or you have lost your sense of smell or taste), please do not come into church. Please call Barbara Banes to let us know; we’ll be thinking of you in our prayers
  • Please arrive no earlier than 10.15 am and wait outside the front door, distanced, of course
  • A steward will invite you into the foyer where there is a hand gel dispenser which you need to use. The cloakroom will not be in use – it’s too small for comfort!
  • From there, a steward will take you to a seat. We are sorry to say that, almost certainly, this will not be your ‘usual’ seat. We need to fill from the front
  • After the service, stewards will help you leave. We’ll leave from the back and go out through the back door only. On the way, you will find the collection plate and more hand gel.
  • If you need to use the toilet, there’s a ‘give-way’ system to avoid congestion in the corridor, but stewards will be there to help again. We need to ask you to wipe any surfaces you have touched and to spray the toilet with disinfectant. All you need will be in the toilets

It may all seem strange and perhaps hard at first, but someone will be there to help and make you feel ‘at home’ in the warmth of our church fellowship. Before too long we hope and pray that restrictions will be eased and things can become more normal.

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Banes or any of the stewards.

Yours, in love, Rev Will and the Church Stewards