Welcome back to worship in church

How wonderful that we can worship in church again!

Although the rate of Coronavirus infections is falling rapidly, we still need to take steps to ensure we are all safe. This note is a reminder of steps we have in place. One small change in our arrangements is:

  • Rather than leaving a ‘three-chair gap’ between individuals or household groups, we are reducing this to a ‘two-chair gap’. This means that we can have a slightly larger congregation than we had previously.

Sunday morning worship

  • If you intend to come to worship, please contact one of the stewards. We can accommodate up to a maximum of 60 people. (If you find you are not able to come having ‘booked’ a place, please call and let us know.)
  • We are hoping to record the service and upload it to Facebook Live, so if you are not able to get to church there will be the opportunity to ‘join in’ remotely.
  • Please remember to use hand gel when you come into and leave church, stay 2m from others who are not in your household or support bubble.
  • Please use a face covering at all times in church.
  • A steward will direct you to seats, filling the church in a way that minimises close contact with others.
  • Please stay in the seat you are given so that you and others are safe.
  • At the end of the service please wait until you are asked to leave; this is to ensure there are no bottle-necks and we can remain socially distanced.
  • Arrangements for using the toilet remain as they have been. We need to ask you to wipe any surfaces you have touched and to spray the toilet with disinfectant.
  • Holy Communion will not be celebrated at this service although we hope to restart communion services soon (but taking bread only).

Thank you for your understanding about restrictions. We hope over the next couple of months that restrictions will be reduced in line with the Government’s ‘Road Map’.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact any of the stewards.

Yours, in love, Rev Will and the Church Stewards