Week BEgINNING 5Th DECember 2021

Although we are all unable to meet together in person as Church, the work of God continues in each one of us as we seek Him in each and every day.

10.30 am Sunday Morning Service, 5th December will be led Rev Will Hunter and includes Holy Communion.

  • Please note with increasing rates of Covid locally we still want to ensure we keep one another as safe as possible.
  • Accordingly we still expect people to wear masks in the service.
  • Thank you for continuing to complete the “Test and Trace” cards in the backs of chairs, we do hope we never have to refer to them!
  • Lastly we know how good it is after the service to chat with friends, please try to do that outside in the fresh air rather than indoors in church

There is no requirement to book a place and you can sit where you wish. Full details are in the Welcome to Worship document circulated in early August.

Copies are available in the foyer and Coffee Plus if you would like one.

The morning service, next Sunday, 12th December 2021, is at 10.30 am, and will be led by Mrs Carol Gough.


As we approach Christmas, infection rates remain stubbornly high. Please continue to protect yourselves and others through social distancing and the wearing of face coverings during services and in meetings. Ventilation is vital for keeping everyone safe in the sanctuary, meeting rooms and the coffee shop, so please make sure there is an adequate flow of clean air through open/part-open doors and windows at all times. Thank you.

Ladies Fellowship

Tuesday, 7th December at 2.00 pm. The meeting will have a Christmas theme and we will be celebrating Irene Hill’s 99th birthday which is on the 16th December.

Bible Study

Our next meeting on the theme of Advent will be on Dec 8th at 7.30 in the Lounge. This will be led by Rev. Sarah Lamb. We will NOT meet on the third week in December but will resume, after the Christmas break, on Jan 5th at 7.30, in the Lounge.

The Christmas Card Boxes

These are now available in the church entrance for you to place cards in for church friends. Envelopes are available for your donations in lieu of postage. Rather than individual cards you may wish to place a single card on the notice board in the entrance. The Leadership Team have agreed that Family Safeguarding (see below) will benefit from your kind donations of money.


is a scheme in Wyre and Fylde that supports families to help them to stay together and children to remain at home safely. We are proposing that donations (money) in lieu of Christmas card postage and from The Market Stall go to provide these children in need with food, clean clothes, basic care items and possibly, a small gift for them to open, and hopefully bring big smiles to their faces on Christmas Day. The appeal will close on Sunday, 19th December. Please place your envelopes in the collection plate or hand to a steward or Barbara Banes. Thank you.

Flower Ministry

Prior to Covid a small number of people, each Monday, created small flower displays which our deliverers took to people who were experiencing troubles or having hard times. We have a small group of people who are prepared to make up small simple displays but would like a few more people to volunteer please, (perhaps once every 8 weeks) so this valuable work can restart again. We do have enough volunteer deliverers. If you feel you can help or would like to find out a bit more about what is involved, please ring Ron Rhodes.

Vincent House

A huge thank you to everyone who has recently donated items. As the weather turns colder, there is a pressing need for single duvets/covers/pillows/pillowcases. New items only please. Thank you. Ralph

Fell Walking

Saturday 4th. December There will be an ‘A’ walk to Pike O’Blisco. Meet at Church at 8.30 am. For details, please contact Jonathan Fail (Tel:890646)

World Church Action Group

The Church Fellowship, who meet on the last Wednesday of each month, are seeking to establish a group of enthusiastic people who would help raise an awareness of the plight of millions of desperately poor and persecuted believers throughout the world. The Fellowship have taken collections for this work over recent years. Please have a word with Ralph Whittingham if you would like to join us in this valuable ministry.

Carols in the Square

The churches of Poulton and Carleton and the Poulton Brass Band invite you to a celebration of the true meaning of Christmas as we sing carols in the Market Square (outside St Chad’s) on Saturday 18TH December at 10.30 am.

Christmas Market

On Fri 3rd and Sat 4th December We will be having a stall at the Christmas Market from 12noon until early evening on both days. Help is required please, both to set up at 11:00 am and take the stall down at the end of the day. Any additional help would be welcomed throughout each day. On the Saturday, there will be a Christmas Treasure Hunt for the children. If you can help, even for a short time please sign up on the rota in the Foyer noticeboard.


Each week we stream and publish the morning service through Facebook using an iPad. If anyone is interested in helping with this on Sunday mornings

please speak to Alan or Carol Sykes. We can be found in front of the Sound-desk in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Thank you.

If you have anything you wish to be included in future Newsletters please let Alan Banes know