Welcome back to worship in church …… after national easing of coronavirus restrictions.

The Government announced the lifting of most coronavirus legal restrictions from 19 July, but also urged caution as the pandemic is certainly not over and infection rates are rising rapidly.

How will it affect our Church?

Over the past year we have rigidly followed guidance to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of everyone who comes into our church. Whilst beginning to ease restrictions and allow personal freedoms, we are taking steps to ensure that as we worship we care for each other particularly at this time of uncertainty. As a church community we are sure you would expect nothing less. Over time arrangements will be reviewed.

What changes are being made in the way we join for worship?

From 1 August:

  • We will no longer use a booking system. Please join us for worship when you can. But it would be helpful if you could complete a ‘presence’ slip in the chair backs in case of the need to contact you.
  • Please observe usual hygiene arrangements, and use sanitiser as you come in to and leave church.
  • We expect face coverings to be used. Despite ventilation, our church is an enclosed space. Whilst face masks can be uncomfortable, they protect others and, to some extent, ourselves.
  • Please respect the right to space. You will find that rows of chairs will be more spaced but all rows will be used. We invite you to find your own seats, sitting where you are comfortable, but please leave one chair vacant between families/bubbles and, where possible, fill rows from the ends so that we don’t waste space.
  • Restrictions on singing are lifted. We will gradually introduce hymn singing alongside listening to and singing to recorded music. We recognise that singing with masks on will result in something more muffled than normal but, in the short term, please keep singing restrained.
  • At the end of services please leave as soon as you can but please be aware of others and avoid creating bottlenecks in aisles or the foyer. The back door will be open and may be the quickest way out. Please move outside to talk with one another.
  • Collection plates will be in the foyer and the hall as they were before 19 July.
  • Arrangements for using the toilet remain as they have been with one person in the men’s and ladies areas at a time, and please use the ‘In use’ and ‘free’ signs on the door. We need to ask you to wipe any surfaces you have touched and to spray the toilet with disinfectant.
  • For the time being we are keeping the communion arrangements we have used recently to reduce movement.

All these arrangements will be reviewed over time. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding. Let’s together keep to the important principles of:

Hands – Face – Space ….. and Grace for and to each other

If you have any questions or comments, please contact any of the stewards.

Yours, in love, Rev Will and the Church Stewards